Microdosing: The Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Magic Mushroom

Psilocybin is still classified as schedule III under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act. However, online dispensaries are allowed to sell magic mushrooms. Many Canadians do not realize that it is legal to buy hallucinogenic mushrooms online. Mushroom grow kits and dried mushroom are openly sold in online stores. And with a prescription from a doctor, you can buy psilocybin mushrooms for depression and other conditions.

While many buy magic mushrooms for recreational purposes, they also have benefits to the body. These health benefits can be best derived through microdosing.

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is taking 1/20 to 1/10 of a recreational dose. Because magic mushroom is hallucinogenic, microdosing is successful if you do not get any hallucination. This form of taking psychedelics, like LSD, cannabis, DMT, ayahuasca,  and magic mushrooms are getting popular to derive their supposed health benefits. However, microdosing is not only done when taking psychedelics, users of steroids and SARMs do the same method to decrease the side effects of these potentially harmful drugs.

What Are the Benefits of Microdosing?

In studies involving the microdosing of magic mushrooms, the following benefits were indicated.

Promotes Creativity

It is indicated in studies that microdosing magic mushrooms enhances divergent thinking. This is the ability of a person to generate creative ideas on how to come with possible solutions to a specific problem.

Enhances Focus

After coming up with many options on how to solve the problem using one’s creativity, a person who is undergoing microdosing, can now come select the best solution. This is made possible by an enhanced focus, or the use of convergent thinking.

Boosts Energy

Magic mushrooms are natural energy boosters. However, they can give you hallucinations. With microdosing, you get the energy without the hallucination, this makes microdosing magic mushrooms a viable treatment option for depression and distressed conditions.

Decreases in Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from smoking, alcohol, and substance abuse can bring one person to a depressed state. With the ability to increase energy, microdosing magic mushroom can help you to feel good despite of withdrawing from your usual lifestyle.

Increases Empathy

In some studies, it showed that microdosing increased the capacity of an individual in understanding other people’s feelings and situations.


What Are the Side Effects of Microdosing?

Some people may react differently to microdosing mushrooms. In some individuals, it may trigger existing anxiety disorders. It can also worsen mood with uncomfortable sensations or feelings. You can immediately stop when you encounter these issues.

Tips for Buying Marijuana Products Online

rich cannabis product

CBD products continue to become popular with each day. That is because cannabidiol is known for its amazing therapeutic benefits. For instance, it helps relieve anxiety, nervousness, and pain or even overcome post-traumatic syndrome. Another compound that is found in cannabis is THC. It is known to have psychoactive properties.

With the popularity of cannabis products, a lot of manufacturers have flooded the market with a lot of products: oils, e-liquids, beverages, topicals, and more. However, not all cannabis products you get online are conscientious. The team at this dispensary recommended their blue diesel strain and I’ve never gone back. These are tips to help you find the right cannabis product.

Research the Brand

processing cannabisBefore you purchase any cannabis product, you need to carry out extensive research. Look through the website of the seller and analyze the information you can get. The best way to know more about the brand is to review the experience of past users. Remember that you will come across some fake reviews. That explains why you should check reports by forums and bloggers you can trust.

Check the Label

After gathering adequate information regarding the brand, you should check the label of the cannabis products. First, have a look at the name of your cannabis product. Ensure the product you purchase contains the composition you need to enjoy various benefits. Also, the label ought to include all the ingredients used and the termination date. Another thing to look for is the concentration of CBD.

Observe Laboratory Tests

It is vital to check whether third-party laboratories have tested the product or not. In fact, the results of successful lab tests can be found on the site of the brand. If there are no reports on the website, that is a sign that the product might contain suspicious facts. A laboratory report reveals the amount of CBD or THC the product contains and whether there are harmful chemicals. Also, without a laboratory report, you cannot determine whether the product is safe or not.

Check the Ingredients List

A lab report ought to have information about different contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and mold. Cannabis products that are said to be natural should not contain synthetic ingredients. In fact, if the ingredients the product contains are difficult to pronounce, they may not be organic. It is advisable to carry out adequate research to find out more information about the ingredients it contains. Always avoid synthetic ingredients as they can be harmful.

Health Tips to Observe as a New Driver

safe driving

For those young people who have come of age and are thinking of getting a driving license, you should know there are virtual schools that can jump-start your lessons, which is vital during this lockdown time. With excellent driving schools that are offering virtual lessons, you can quickly enroll and start your driving lesson. And since you will get to learn everything about driving, this article will focus on the health and safety aspect of driving. What are the things you are supposed to do to stay safe and healthy as a driver? Without further ado, below are the simple tips you should observe.

Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is not only recommend to improve office work performance, but it is vital when driving. Research has proven that lack of enough sleep is among the main course of accidents. What you should know is that it only takes a fraction of a second to get into a grueling accident, which means that dozing off for a few seconds endangers both you and other road users. Therefore, as a new driver, one of the things you have to ensure is to get enough sleep before you get behind the wheels.

Take Breaks

The other thing you need to observe as a new driver is to take breaks when driving for long distances. Just like seating the whole day in the office is not good for your health, driving nonstop for long distances is also unhealthy. A survey has shown that drivers who drive for miles without taking a break are more likely to be obese. Therefore, you always need to plan your journey well and know when to take a break.

Have an Emergency Kit

One of the things you should always have with you when driving is an emergency kit. Remember, accidents do happen, and you do not have to be on the wrong to get involved. When this happens, there are first aid procedures that you can handle as you wait for the medical response team to arrive. Knowing how to treat minor accident emergencies and having a fully packed emergence kit can make the difference between life and death. Therefore, before you set off for, it is necessary to know that you have your emergency kit ready. The last tip to recommend is that you should take an accident emergency class, which can come in handy while on the roads.

How to Store Your Marijuana


When you go to a dispensary, you do not want to go to a budtender and ask for most dried-out, weakest, flavorless strain of cannabis. You probably want high-quality medical marijuana that you can easily afford. However, if you do not need the worst quality of marijuana, why should you store it that way?

The truth is that when you store quality marijuana properly, you can even purchase low-grade stuff. In this way, you can save some money. It is advisable to use sealed solutions such as mylar bags. If you are planning to preserve your cannabis, you need to keep it fresh for many months, and that is the time to store marijuana properly.

Enemies of Fresh Marijuana


It is said that UV light breaks down the terpenes and cannabinoids in marijuana, reducing its potency.


marijuana ready for useThe truth is that too much exposure to air is likely to dry marijuana out. In fact, it will burn harshly and lose its flavor when exposed to air for extended hours. If you find it difficult to hold marijuana smoke in the lungs, dried-out marijuana is the worst.


As you know, mold spores like thrive in environments with high humidity. If marijuana is kept in the dark, humid environment, you should not be surprised if mold finishes off the rest of cannabis.

Mistakes When Storing Marijuana

Use a Plastic Bag

Remember that marijuana is medicine and not a snack. Plastic bags are good when you need to store food temporarily and use it later. However, they are not a good choice for marijuana because air can freely move in and out of the bag. For instance, if you fill the plastic bag with some marijuana and zip it up, you will still smell marijuana through the bag. That shows that the flavor is leaving the bag. Remember that you do not want the flavor to leave. Rather, you want it to stay there and enjoy it.

Store in a Freezer or Refrigerator

unpacked marijuanaThe idea of preserving marijuana is to keep it in a temperature that is easy to control. The moisture and temperature inside a freezer or fridge are difficult to control. That means that mold might grow on your medicine. When marijuana freezes, its terpenes become brittle and can break off easily and get lost.

Keep it Near Electronic Devices

As you know, electronics keep emitting heat. If your marijuana is on top of a refrigerator, computer, or television, it will absorb heat and dry.

Tricks to Help You Lose Stubborn Fat

weight loss

There are certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen or belly, thighs, love handles, and chin, that tend to store unwanted fats. A lot of people are having a hard time getting rid of them, no matter how hard they work out. They might lose some, but not all of them, and this could be really frustrating.

If you are trying to lose those stubborn fat for the past few months without any luck, this article is for you. Here are tricks that could help you out achieve your weight goal and have that nice figure finally:

Try CoolSculpting

flat tummyOne great way to eliminate those stubborn fat is to undergo cryolipolysis fat freezing, most popularly known as CoolSculpting. The primary goal of this noninvasive procedure is to reduce the fat in your body, especially those areas that were mentioned above.

As the term suggests, CoolSculpting uses a freezing temperature to get rid of the fat cells. Take note that these cells can’t handle coldness, so they get damaged. Their volume eventually diminishes, and this is how you get rid of them.

If the fat deposit in your body is too high, though, you might need to undergo several sessions. This will be determined during your checkup, so make sure to visit a well-experienced doctor.

Lift Weights Regularly

Some people think that weight lifting can make them bulkier. That is why they are hesitant to work out. You probably have been avoiding this too, and it could be the reason why you were not successful in losing weight. If so, then it is time to change that belief.

To make it clear, lifting weights won’t make you look bigger in a bad way. Instead, it will help you build lean muscles as long as you do it on a regular basis. This will boost your body’s ability to burn calories too, which will eventually shed those unwanted pounds.


Get Enough Sleep

You probably haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. That’s why you were having a hard time trimming your weight down. You should know that sleep plays a vital role in losing weight. If you get the rest that your body needs, the hunger hormones will be regulated, which means that you won’t be craving for more food.

No matter how busy you are, you should ensure that you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This should be enough time to allow your body to recuperate.

Five Benefits Of Urgent Care Medical Centers



Just like the name suggests, an urgent care medical center is the place to be if you are looking for emergency medical assistance. Don’t confuse it with the ER even if they both attend to patients who are looking for urgent care. Urgent care medical centers have grown in numbers today due to high demand. Reasons why such clinics have become more popular today.

Treat a broad range of diseases

taking medical attentionYou will discover that most urgent care medical centers handle a wide variety of health conditions. For instance, the common flu, sprains, cuts, fractures, respiratory infections, burns just to mention a few are treatable in such clinics without much difficulty. In case your condition is severe, and surgery is necessary its ideal visit a hospital because it is better equipped with cutting edge machines. That aside, imagine the relief you get when you receive treatment there and then. Urgent care clinics are very much accessible and treat a broad range of conditions.

Accept insurance

If you have a health care insurance plan, then the chances are that you will be charged less when you visit an urgent care clinic. To have a piece of mind you can try comparing their prices against medical centers. You will be in for a nasty shock. The less money you spend is a big bonus for any patient. Gone are the periods when you had to part with lots of cash and still wait for long hours in a full medical facility to get the treatment you need.

Easily accessible

Today, urgent care centers are very popular. In fact, they are almost anywhere. In most cases, they are always present nest to the ER, malls and other public places with crowds because the concept is to have an urgent care center where patients can access treatment anytime. For instance, accidents occur unexpectedly any anywhere, so you never know when you will require medical attention and that is why urgent care centers are unique.

Operate for extended periods

Urgent care centers are always there for you even in the weird hours of the night when all doctors are asleep. If you become unwell in the middle of the evening, your doctor is probably not available. Instead of suffering rushing through the hustle and bustle of the ER, opt for an urgent care center because the physicians you will find there will have the time to focus on your condition better that in busy medical facilities.

Quick service

specialistSince urgent care medical centers have become quite popular today, they receive a huge number of patients too. The good news is that they serve patients on a first come first help criteria. Despite the significant numbers, be confident that the medical staffs will attend to your requirements to the best of their ability.


Essential tips for buying CBD oils

slogan for Marijuana

The debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana has dominated many legislative forums around the globe. The proponents seem to advance substantive arguments based on the health, physical and metal benefits of marijuana whereas the opponents solely dwell on the moral question and self-preservation. What people don’t understand is that CBD oil is purely medicinal due to the negated presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC which is a component of Cannabis sativa has psychoactive effects. Therefore the elements of CBD oil are medical and health-oriented hence the widespread usage over the years.

The countries that have legalized the product have set up stringent regulations in order tobottles of CBD oils protect consumers. As a user, buying CBD oils can be quite cumbersome due to the fact that there still exists illegitimate sellers that may not be licensed to trade in the market. Unlicensed sellers are most likely to sell inferior products which may have dire consequences to users. Therefore you are advised to be mindful when you want to Try The CBD and when buying CBD oils. The following tips could act as sufficient guidelines to procure a quality product;


Before purporting to secure CBD oil, it is intelligible to do a background study of the components that are important to you. Your preferable components should be based on the kind of effects that you desire. Essentially, you need to view the concentration levels of the product so that you gauge its subsequent effects. If you’re buying the product online, then you should endeavor to study the components as listed on the website before making the order.

Also, buyers are advised to base a purchase on quality rather than price.

The oil should be non-psychoactive

CBD oilsCannabidiol contains mere traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and therefore it is nonpsychoactive. Non-psychoactive is very therapeutic and has various health benefits including treatment of anxiety disorders, cancer, pain, epilepsy and arthritis among others. Therefore you need to pinpoint the absence of THC in order to enjoy the numerous medicinal benefits of the plant.

Extraction methods

The method employed for extraction is fundamental in ensuring the suitability and usability of the oil. Extraction methods are the techniques used to obtain the CBD oil from the plant. In this regard, various procedures can be used to obtain oil that is rich in CBD.  For example, solvents like butane and pentane are hazardous and could deter the quality of the CBD oil. However supercritical extraction ensures that the components which enhance quality are preserved.


Best Tips When Looking For Teeth Whitening Services


The popularity of teeth whitening as a cosmetic dental procedure has increased in the recent past. Moreover, most individuals believe that this procedure assists them to gain optimum oral health and gives one a perfect set of white teeth. Additionally, professionals claim that the procedure can enable one to have high esteem about themselves and allow them to be happy and content. There are many more benefits of teeth whitening especially when the procedure is undertaken by a professional. Hence, when looking for teeth whitening services, it is essential to look for the following;

Professional experience

white teeth

Despite there being many DIY whitening products and kits, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional dental expert. This is because despite the procedure being simple it may have a great impact on the oral health which implies that the teeth enamel, gums or tongue may be affected by the chemicals within the products. Therefore, when going for teeth whitening, one should choose a well qualified and trained dental expert who has perfect knowledge, skills and experience in the procedure. Hence, the chosen dentist should have a great experience and positive reviews from satisfied customers this will give one the guarantee that they can trust the dentist with their teeth.


The best teeth whitening expert should be from the locality which ensures they are easily accessible. Moreover, they should have a physical address where one can approach them for advice and follow up. A local dentist ensures that one does not undergo extra costs traveling and ensures that they understand the dental patterns in the area making the procedure easy to conduct effectively and that they offer the highest sought quality.

Additional services

The best dentist should offer an array of services such dental implants, teeth straightening among others that may complement the teeth whitening procedure. This ensures that one builds a lasting relationship which ensures that one can truly approach them for regular checkups. Moreover, this ensures that that one can have their other dental issues solved by one expert. Also, the relationship built should show personal interest and care towards one’s oral health which counts towards a more content lifestyle.



Though the fee paid for the teeth whitening procedure is imperative, the value should also be achieved. The price paid for the procedure should be affordable and within one’s financial plans. Various dentists offer varied pricing plans which are financially friendly to their customers. These fees are inclusive of the service, appointments and treatment costs hence one should go for the most affordable treatment plan that will not strain their pockets. You can click here on the best way of Come sbiancare i denti.


Qualities of the best field hockey stick for midfielder

hockey stick


Midfielder job is to control the ball and deliver it safely to the attackers. For this reason, you need a high-quality stick that has strong parts. For this reason, there are certain things that you need consider when choosing best field hockey stick for midfielder, including the following:


figure of a hockey playerThe best stick for a midfielder should have a good grip. This means it should not slide out of your hands quickly while you are playing. It should also be good at absorbing shock. If your stick has a very thin grip and you happen to get a fast pass when your hands are cold, you might experience a lot of pain. This essentially means that a good grip is most of the most important consideration when choosing the best stick for midfielders.


Hockey sticks with shorter handles are the best for midfielders. Ideally, a stick should be 1 to 2 inches below your waistline.

Point of Weight

The best field hockey stick for a midfielder should also have a low weight point, which should also be light in weight. This is because as a midfielder, you will need to move around a lot. Also, a low weight point stick will also allow making your fast passes.

The Curve

For a midfielder, the curve is an important factor to consider when choosing the best stick. This is particularly important if you like flicking the ball. Also, a bigger curve is ideal in a penalty corner.

Toe Design

The toe is a very important factor to consider when choosing the best stick for a midfielder. Among other factors, it helps determine the agility and maneuverability of a hockey stick. Essentially, the smaller the toe, the lighter and quicker you will be. However, you will reduce your striking surface. This means that the Midi is the best toe design for midfielders. This is because it is well balanced and most ideal for all round skills. Also, it has a large hitting area and also helps make reverse side stick work easier.


Most midfielders prefer a middle of the range stick when it comes to weight. This is because you need to some quick dribbling, which requires an agile stick.


As a midfielder, you require having good control of the ball. For this reason, you will need a stick that allows you to have good control when it comes to trapping and dribbling. Ideally, you should not go for a stick with a high content of carbon; instead, go for sticks that have a higher content of Kevlar.


hockeyThe best field hockey stick should be made from composite materials, including carbon fiber, aramid, and fiberglass, among others. However, carbon fiber is considered to be the best for midfielders because it has excellent qualities, including the following:

  • It is more shock absorbent,
  • It is lighter,
  • It is stronger,
  • It is easier to handle.

The midfield position requires you to have a lightweight, agile, and strong stick. This is because the midfield is both a defending and attacking position, which also requires speed. It also requires you to focus on passing skills and precision. These are the reasons why choosing the right material for the best field hockey stick for a midfielder is very important.


These are some of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing the best field hockey stick for a midfielder.

Different types of elliptical trainers

Elliptical trainers are good workout machines for home workouts. They provide a low-impact workout that is ideal for people who want a good workout that doesn’t necessary put a strain on the joints. If you are planning to buy an elliptical trainer for your home, then you will be spoilt for choice. There are numerous choices to make depending on your budget and the fitness goal that you want to achieve. Find the best elliptical for home use under 500 available in the market. To make the right choice when buying an elliptical trainer for your home use, take time and understand the different types of machines that are available.

Types of elliptical trainers

Cross trainers

The regular trainers that we know are used for lower body training to work on the thigh and leg muscles. Such trainers have pedals to work on the legs and thighs, and the hand pedals are for support. You will realize that the hand pedals for the regular trainers are immobile. On the other hand, we have cross trainers that are used to work on both the upper body and the lower body. With such elliptical trainers, you can work on the lower body as well as the arm and shoulders. For cross trainers, the hand pedals are mobile to allow for muscle and shoulder strength.

workout machine

Type of drive

We have different types of drives when it comes to elliptical trainers. We have the front drive, center and middle drive depending on the concentration of the force. The front drive trainers are the most common because they are easier to maintain. However, some people still choose the center and the rear drive elliptical trainers.

Independent versus Dependent action

You can choose an elliptical trainer based on the type of action that you want from the machine. The independent action is for those people who are willing to push beyond the limits and go for more impact. We also have dependent action trainers that are for people looking for a less impact workout. The dependent action trainers are also easy on the joints.

workout machine

Other features

Other features will also determine the type of elliptical trainer that you choose. For instance, the placement of controls and other features will affect the type of trainer that you buy. Always choose a trainer that is easy to control for a stress-free workout session.