Recommended Treatments for Colds and Coughs

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A cold and the flu are enormously common diseases. Nearly all people are likely to choose antibiotics to ward off colds and flu, although this type of medication will be able to trigger side effects and does not strengthen your body’s immune system. In fact, without proper knowledge, you are also at risk of spreading the disease to others. Shop the most breathable face masks in Vancouver and experience top-rated face masks trusted for companies across Canada.There are, however, natural complementary ways to treat colds and flu – they are trouble-free, stress-free, simple to obtain, and have no side effects.


Ginger is one of several best treatments for colds and flu, based on traditional Chinese medicine. It enhances your energy flow and warms the lungs and stomach. The Chinese have been using it for centuries to fight off the symptoms of a cold, nasal congestion and a sore throat. Just add slices of fresh ginger to your cooking, otherwise, slice two fresh gingers into a mug of hot water to make a warm ginger tea.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is incredibly useful in strengthening the immune system and relieving cold signs and symptoms. Eat vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruit, orange, pineapple, tomatoes, broccoli and drink lemon juice in warm water mixed with honey regularly.

Chinese Herbs

The Chinese have been utilizing natural herbs for thousands of years to fight off colds and flu. They work by nourishing Yin, removing dampness, clearing the heat from the body, and promoting circulation. A study has found the effectiveness of several Chinese herbs such as Chrysanthemum Flower, Honeysuckle, mulberry leaf, peppermint, forsythia buds, and licorice, and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors prescribe a combination of various herbs to drink in the form of herbal tea. But, do check with your therapist before taking any herbs.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies like acupuncture can help to give relief from cold signs and symptoms, and also to shorten their duration, with absolutely no negative effects. Fine needles are inserted into several acupoints around the body, for example, the side of your nose, under your cheek bone, upper back, or along the lung and large intestine meridians to help relieve cold symptoms.

Prevention is always better than cure. Taking supplements and regular workout have long been acknowledged as good habits to boost the immune system. Supplements like Zinc help to stop and ward off colds and flu, by working to avoid the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, mainly in your nose and sinuses. Regular exercise also helps, and set aside at least half an hour per day to do some form of exercise as it stimulates your circulation and helps to keep a healthy immune system.

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