The Benefits of Swimming You Don’t Want Your Kids to Miss

young swimmer

You must have bathed your kids when they were 1-2 years old in a basin with water. You must have noticed that even when they are babies, they would playfully plunge their hands and enjoy the splash of water into the air or onto their faces. Generally, children love getting in the water and having fun.

Teaching your children how to swim will not only bring your child more fun moments in bodies of water. Swimming has many other benefits that your child should not be deprived of. With the following benefits, you should enroll your child in swimming classes. You will never regret you did.

Health Benefits

toddlerSwimming has many health benefits, and it includes physical, mental, and emotional health benefits.

  • Physical Health – Swimming is good for the cardio-pulmonary system of your child. That means your child can have healthy lungs and heart. Swimming is said to be good in treating asthma. Your child can develop strength and endurance. He can also improve his balance and posture through swimming.
  • Mental Health – Children can also suffer from stress, which can emanate from school activities, playmates, and in your home. Swimming is a good relaxation technique for a stressed mind. It can also induce sleep while encouraging mental alertness.
  • Emotional Health – When you teach your child how to swim, you are teaching him to be independent-minded, confident about his abilities, and have self-worth.

Entertainment Value

Swimming is a great way to let your child have fun and socialize with other children. When on vacation on the beach or a picnic in a resort with swimming pools, your child will truly have the time of his life swimming with you or with children his age. Your child will not fully enjoy such family bonding activities if he does not know how to swim.

Environmental Awareness

When your child learns how to swim, the world will open up for him. He can go fishing with you on a canoe, try scuba diving and other water-related activities. He will be more aware of his environment around him and will learn how to appreciate nature’s gifts at a young age.

poolProtection from Water Accidents

One of the most common causes of accidental deaths among children is drowning. By teaching our children how to swim, such tragic experiences can be prevented. By inculcating safety tips during swimming, he will surely be able to avoid accidents when swimming.

Exposure to Other Sports

Once a child learns how to swim, his competitive spirits are developed. For sure, he will appreciate other water-related sports like kayaking, surfing, and triathlon. It will be a very big advantage for your child to join clubs engaged in water sports.

Most swimming sensations had their swimming lessons while they are very young. We can never predict the future, but who knows, the toddler you are bringing to a swimming class may one day be a Michael Phelps in the making.