Top Kid’s Health and Fitness Tracking Technology – The Fitbit

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Bringing up a health and fit kid is one of the best things a parent can achieve. Of course, other things like nutrition, protection and education matters as well. When we come to health and fitness, parents focus on preventive and curative measures like encouraging healthy activities and provision of high-quality health care. Technology has come along way to bring a revolution in merely all sectors including health and fitness. Today, kids can enjoy great wearable and other gadgets to monitor, track and promote health and fitness. These devices are called Fitbit and are very helpful to kids. If you are wondering which fitbits are best for kids, then below are some examples of the best, and you can choose one for your kid.

Top Fitbit devices you should know

  • using a smartwatchKid power bands – These are developed under the project of UNICEF and distributed to children across the globe. According to the chief officials, they want all kids to monitor their activities as well as encourages them to do healthy activities in the first place. They can keep track of the distance covered while running or cycling among other things.
  • Garmin vivofit jr. – we all know that kids love fun technologies. This is one that creates curiosity and innovative way for kids to know how they are fairing in their physical activity. In fact, it will even encourage the kid to sleep for enough time to make sure they do not miss their fitness schedule.
  • Nabi compete – This is a more interesting option for kids. It encourages some sort of competition between two kids through the two identical bands. They monitor all physical activities and the food one eats at any one time. Furthermore, they will synchronize with a smartphone and provide real-time results through a dedicated app. Parents can act as the referee and give feedback to how the kids are doing on their head to head competition.

How to motivate kids

While using any of these Fitbit gear, kids still require some motivation. They look upon their parents as their role model and encouragement to remain fit. Therefore, it even takes the parents to wake up and engage in physical activities with the kids. Further, looking for other kids from neighbors and relatives with the same goal acts as a motivation to one another. According to research, kids with active family members are bound to succeed as opposed to those from backgrounds with parents who do not engage much in physical activities.

Guiding the kids

As a parent keep a close eye and guide your kids on taking the right direction when it comes to dealing with these gear. It not, they may take a wrong direction or overdo and end up harming their health. The Fitbit devices have age restrictions depending on the activities they encourage and therefore, parents must choose the appropriate device. Help the kids to understand what they are required to do and if possible, monitor their activities in real time from your smartphone.


As much as parents guide their kids on using the Fitbit gear, they must also give the children a chance to make simple decisions. This way, they can set achievable goals and remain fit at all times. They, however, should not forget their studies.