How to Store Your Marijuana


When you go to a dispensary, you do not want to go to a budtender and ask for most dried-out, weakest, flavorless strain of cannabis. You probably want high-quality medical marijuana that you can easily afford. However, if you do not need the worst quality of marijuana, why should you store it that way?

The truth is that when you store quality marijuana properly, you can even purchase low-grade stuff. In this way, you can save some money. It is advisable to use sealed solutions such as mylar bags. If you are planning to preserve your cannabis, you need to keep it fresh for many months, and that is the time to store marijuana properly.

Enemies of Fresh Marijuana


It is said that UV light breaks down the terpenes and cannabinoids in marijuana, reducing its potency.


marijuana ready for useThe truth is that too much exposure to air is likely to dry marijuana out. In fact, it will burn harshly and lose its flavor when exposed to air for extended hours. If you find it difficult to hold marijuana smoke in the lungs, dried-out marijuana is the worst.


As you know, mold spores like thrive in environments with high humidity. If marijuana is kept in the dark, humid environment, you should not be surprised if mold finishes off the rest of cannabis.

Mistakes When Storing Marijuana

Use a Plastic Bag

Remember that marijuana is medicine and not a snack. Plastic bags are good when you need to store food temporarily and use it later. However, they are not a good choice for marijuana because air can freely move in and out of the bag. For instance, if you fill the plastic bag with some marijuana and zip it up, you will still smell marijuana through the bag. That shows that the flavor is leaving the bag. Remember that you do not want the flavor to leave. Rather, you want it to stay there and enjoy it.

Store in a Freezer or Refrigerator

unpacked marijuanaThe idea of preserving marijuana is to keep it in a temperature that is easy to control. The moisture and temperature inside a freezer or fridge are difficult to control. That means that mold might grow on your medicine. When marijuana freezes, its terpenes become brittle and can break off easily and get lost.

Keep it Near Electronic Devices

As you know, electronics keep emitting heat. If your marijuana is on top of a refrigerator, computer, or television, it will absorb heat and dry.